v3.5 June 20th, 2023

This release includes updates for Google Analytics, Facebook, GA4 destinations. Updates to events and the sunset of web tag monitoring.


  • Google Analytics - Updated logic to capture & attribute based on Google Ads new click IDs (wbraid & gbraid)
  • Facebook - Added ViewCategory web event
    Recommend to block exchange orders in all destinations
  • GA4: Payment domains & (if using the non-shopify attribution tracking script) any subdomains of the inputted main overarching domain will be excluded from order notes.
    • GA4’s referral exclusion list works for the “Session Source/Medium” dimension, but does not work for the event scoped “Source/Medium” dimension. This means that the event scoped “Source/Medium” of orders would appear as payment domains/subdomains. With this update, the event scoped “Source/Medium” dimension will show the actual original source, instead of a payment gateway/subdomain.


  • Update to ensure the dl_user_data event fires on the Thank You Page when using Shopify's Checkout Script Settings instead of checkout.liquid.
  • Enhancement so that the dl_select_item datalayer event fires when the product selected wasn’t in the collection liquid data - helping to ensure this datalayer event fires when it should.

Web Tag Monitoring:

The Web Tag Monitoring Report & Email Alerts have been sunset. Learn more about why here. In it’s place, you are able to set up Web Container Error logging in your developer console. [How do I do that?]