v2.41 October 6th, 2022

Introducing our new beta feature for server-side checkout funnel events for Shopify Plus merchants. GA4 server-side updates. Criteo and Snapchat are released from beta and now public! Improved attribution longevity.

New Beta:

  • 95% Accurate Checkout Funnel Tracking: We have a new Beta available for ShopifyPlus Merchants who are using Elevar's Fully Managed Server.
  • This new feature turns your load-based checkout tracking into action-based checkout tracking which guarantees 95% checkout accuracy.
  • Please email [email protected] if you'd like to be a part of this beta.

Destination Updates: GA4

  • Get 100% order accuracy in GA4 with this server-side destination.
  • The known attribution issue with our GA4 Server-Side destination have been fixed.
  • Includes the Purchase event coming from the server. All other events will come your browser.
  • Works for Elevar's Fully Managed Server or when using your own server.
  • When setting this up, please:
    • Default to Last Touch Attribution
    • Exclude offline orders from being sent
    • Use the latest GA4 Web Tags available in your destination
    • Be on DataLayer 2.41 or higher

Additional Updates:

  • Added User_ID value to our pre-built GA4 web tags. This will help improve GA4's User Acquisition Report
  • Fix for UA/GA4 duplicating users in our latest server-side templates. Only affects those using their own server.
  • Criteo & Snapchat are out of beta!
  • Enhancements to the longevity of our Order Notes to improve attribution. Please update your DataLayer and reinstall your DataLayer Listener to get this enhancement.