Monitoring Activity Dashboard Guide

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This feature has been depreciated

Error monitoring is available in the developer console. This can be setup following this guide.

The Monitoring Activity dashboard in your Elevar application is tied directly to your Google Tag Manager account using Elevar's custom templates, and anytime an error linked to GTM is triggered on your site, this dashboard will capture and alert you to this error. Haven't setup your GTM account for Monitoring yet? Go here to get started!

Updating the report timeframe

You can review error trends over a 24 hour, 7 day, or 30 time period to help zero in on anomalies or items that need attention. You can change the timeframe using the dropdown located in the top right corner of your screen.

Errors by Hour

The errors by hour report gives you an overview of when errors are happening on your site, and the total amount of errors which helps you quickly gauge the level of severity.

Use filters to drill into the details to pinpoint exactly where the errors are coming from. You can break the report down by Event, Tag Name, Variable Name, Condition, Browser, and Device type.

Once you've selected your filters, click on the options to reveal a dropdown of selections based on the filtering option(s) you chose

Errors by Device
This report's purpose is pretty self explanatory, and is extremely helpful in quickly identifying where your tags are not performing.

Errors by Tag
Use the list to the left of the graph to lock and isolate and examine which tags are experiencing the most errors.

Errors Row Report
This row report gives a detailed drill down of each error that has been logged, along with important debugging information.

What next?
Check out the Error Log page in your dashboard to see an itemized list of errors with the total frequency count so that you can diagnose, debug, and fix!