How to Upgrade to the Shopify Source and Theme App Embed from V1 or Web Only Plan

Follow this guide for upgrades from Data Layer 1.0 or Web Only Tracking Plans


This guide is for Data Layer 1.0 of Web Only Tracking Plans, if you are an on an existing fully managed server-side plan please follow this guide.

Follow this guide to upgrade from previous versions of our Shopify source and data layer 3.9+. This version was introduced in fall of 2023, and you can learn more about the features with our article, Introducing The New Shopify Source

Your existing tracking is still up and running. To upgrade to our unified source you'll need to select a new plan to continue forward. When you are ready follow the steps below to complete your upgrade.

Select a Plan

Select Go to Plans

Select the appropriate plan, add any additional services, and then select _Continue

Enter you payment information if needed. Select Confirm & Pay

Return to My Tracking

Start Upgrade

Select the Go to Upgrade button.

Select Start Upgrade

You'll see this Heads Up message. If this applies to you, go to the Learn more. Before proceeding.

If you are not a headless store or any customizations proceed by clicking the Continue button

Configure Order Status Page

Follow the steps on the Configure Order Status Page step

  1. Copy the code by clicking the Copy to Clipboard button
  2. Open your Checkout Settings by clicking the link in app, or navigate within Shopify by going to Settings > Checkout
  3. Scroll to the Order Status Page section and find the Additional Scripts box. Remove any previous Elevar scripts.
  4. Paste the code copied in Step 1.
  5. Click Save in Shopify
  6. Return to the Elevar App, and select Mark as Complete

Install App Theme Embed

Review the Final Step, when you are ready select the Go to Shopify button.

This step will remove the legacy Elevar theme snippets from your live theme. Our app embed will be installed, but you'll need to go to Shopify to and enable.

By default this step will convert your checkout funnel tracking steps from web tracking to server-side action based events. This is in response to Shopify retiring the checkout.liquid for Shopify Plus stores. If you did not previously have server-side checkout funnel events for a non-plus store or checkout extensibility, you'll now have checkout funnel tracking!

If you are triggering client-side tags on a proceed to checkout button click, uncheck this checkbox to prevent duplicate tracking, or pause your client side tracking and begin tracking with server-side checkout events.

If you use a code repository, follow our guide, Remove Legacy Elevar Snippets from your Code Repository.

Activate the App Embed in Shopify

When you click the Go to Shopify button from above you'll be transferred into Shopify to your Live theme customizations. Your App embeds will be filtered to the newly installed Elevar Data Layer. This will already be enabled for you, you'll just need to Save to have our Data Layer installed!

Select Save

Confirm your App Embed is enabled

You'll know you've enabled the App Embed code when you return to our App and see the following:

If you need to make this update to additional themes follow this guide, Remove Legacy Elevar Code Snippets. Next, manually activate the App Embed in Shopify for that theme by repeating the Activate the App Embed in Shopify Step.

Add in your destinations & update tags in GTM

Your exiting tracking is using our pre-built tags in GTM. These tags are designs to work with our 1.0 data layer. A lot has changed since our original data layer and you'll need to replace your existing GTM tags with the new GTM tags for your destinations.

Follow the prompts for each destination you'll be adding. When you get to the import web container steps, remove any previous tags you have for that destination before importing the new tags this will ensure you have the latest and greatest tags that work correctly with your upgraded data layer.

Example walk through of updating GA4 Destination

Follow the prompts of the app to setup your GA4 tracking. You'll reach the web container step and Download the Pre-Built Web Tags

Next you'll go to Google Tag Manager.

Create a new workspace and name it Elevar Upgrade. You can complete all your destination work in this workspace before publishing.

Filter you tags by the destination your are working on

Select your existing tags and delete

Import the web container that you downloaded from the Elevar App. Go to Admin Tab and select Import Container

Choose the downloaded file from the web container setup step.
Select your new workspace
Click Confirm when ready

Publish your workspace or continue to repeat these steps for other destinations. Just remember to publish the workspace when complete!

Google Ads Remarketing Tags


Note: Dynamic Remarketing tags are not included in the web container for our Google Ads Server-Side destination. You'll still need to complete this step

Refresh your Google Ads remarketing tags using our pre-built tags. Be sure to remove your previous AdWords or Google Ads tags in GTM to avoid duplication. If you have any conversions in addition to the Purchase conversion you'll need to add these manually. Follow our guide, to setup Google Ads remarketing.

Post Purchase Upsells

If you have post-purchase upsells that occur between completing the payment and the thank you page follow our guide on how to track post-purchase upsells.

Shopify Landing Pages

If you are using Shopify landing pages that have separate layout files in your theme, our upgrade process will do it's best to remove any reference of Elevar's snippets. However in some circumstances if these references were manually added, moved, or other reasons we are not able to do so. Review our guide on, Remove Elevar Legacy Snippets, for instructions on how to remove manually.