How to Transition Elevar Tracking from Non-Plus to Shopify Plus Store

Recently upgraded to ShopifyPlus? Follow these steps to get the maximum checkout tracking benefits!


This guide has been depreciated


You've just upgraded to ShopifyPlus - Congrats!

The main difference between tracking on Shopify Non-Plus vs Plus is that you can better track your checkout events on ShopifyPlus. Full Overview of Differences

Follow the below steps to get the maximum value for your checkout tracking!

Step 1: Enable your checkout.liquid

How to enable your checkout.liquid?

Step 2: Remove the DataLayer from your Checkout Settings

In your Shopify Store, navigate to Settings

Select Checkout and accounts

Scroll to Order Status Page Scripts > in the Additional Scripts section, find the script that starts with Elevar Data Layer V2

You're going to delete this script starting from <!--

And ending at .

Step 3: Re-Install Your DataLayer

In your Elevar app, navigate to DataLayer > Install on Store

Press Reinstall

Press _Reinstall _again!

Step 4: Update your Initiate Checkout Tags

Now that you can track your checkout pages, we'll want to update your Initiate Checkout tags to fire on the first page of checkout, rather than the Cart Page or Proceed to Checkout Click.

The easiest way to do this is to re-import your pre-built Elevar tags into your GTM Web Container.Follow these steps to Import your Elevar Pre-Built Tags.

You may start out with your Initiate Checkout Tags looking like this:

And you'll end with them looking like this:

Optionally, QA your changes with GTM Preview Mode How to use GTM Preview Mode? to make sure the Initiate Checkout Tags fire on the first page of checkout & that all the data populates correctly.

Step 5: Enable Initiate Checkout Events via Server-Side

Let's also make sure we're sending Initiate Checkout events via your server-side integrations as well. The steps will differ if you're using our servers versus your own server:

In your Elevar App, navigate to Server-Side > Click into a Live Destination

Select Events > Make sure the Initiate Checkout & AddPaymentInfo boxes options are ticked if it's available. If either box wasn't ticked, be sure to select it & press Save.

Repeat the above for the rest of your Server-Side destinations!