How to Improve Collection Page Speed on GTM Suite


Data Layer 1.0. has been depreciated

Please follow our upgrade guide to update to our latest version.

Some custom catalog implementations can see site speed issues - see how to put a fix in

We've had reports of some themes that see a slower than normal time to first byte on collection pages after installing GTM Suite app.

Generally, this is due to a conflict of the way our dataLayer builds out your entire collection/product object variables. For example - if you have an infinite scroll we will load every single product.

We have two options for this:

  1. Modifying part of collection liquid logic to force limit of products
  2. Commenting out completely

Option 1: Modify Liquid Logic

In your theme go to the elevar-body-end.liquid snippet and go to ~ row 314 to find if template .name == "collection"

Then replace this block of code circled below:

With this:

var visibleProducts = [];

var productLimit = 36;'a[href*="/products/"]')).slice(0, productLimit).forEach(function(item) {

Which should then look like this:

You can change the 36 in the code to anything you'd like - this is the number of products returned.

Once done then click save. You should then be good to go.

Option 2: Comment Out

If you'd prefer to comment out completely then do this:

Include here:

Then include here:

Then save.

If you have any additional issues or questions please let us know!


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