How to Fix the 'VisitorType' Warning Message in Google Tag Assistant

A quick guide fixing the 'Data layer variable name in wrong case: 'VisitorType' warning message in Google Tag Assistant.


Data Layer 1.0. has been depreciated

Please follow our upgrade guide to update to our latest version.

Wondering why you're getting the warning message above when checking the newly installed GTM Suite App? Well, Google Tag Manager is just asking for camelCasing - a writing practice that is widely used by combining words/phrases into one with a single capitalized letter.

To get rid of this warning message, you'll just need to update three sections in Shopify Admin and GTM.

  1. Elevar Snippets
  2. Elevar Thank you page script
  3. Elevar Variable in GTM

Please follow the steps below:

Elevar Snippets

Step 1: Navigate to your Theme settings > Actions > Edit Code

Step 2: Look for Elevar Snippets and open it.

  • elevar-body-end.liquid
  • elevar-checkout-end.liquid (IF you are on Shopify Plus)

Step 3: Replace the capital letter 'V' from line 24 and 35 to lowercase 'v'


"elevar-checkout-end.liquid (IF you are on Shopify Plus)"

Then Click SAVE!!

Elevar Thank You Page Script

Step 4: Navigate to your settings > checkout

Step 5: Scroll down through the Order and Processing section > Additional script and make sure to replace the capital letter 'V' to lowercase.

Hit SAVE!!

Elevar Variable in GTM

Step 6: In GTM under the Variables tab, just look for the "dlv - Global - Visitor Type" variable and update it with a lowercase letter 'v'.

Make sure that you SAVE and Publish the changes once done.

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