How to change "Collection List" to Collection Handle URL


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Learn how to change this setting in your Shopify GTM App

If you are using our app to implement Google Analytics (Shopify Plus stores) then you might be wondering why we set "Collection Page" as the product list name instead of the actual category.

This is subjective and can be done in multiple ways, we chose to follow Google's recommendations as our default where the "Lists" are macro-level placements for products like:

  1. Collection Pages
  2. Search Result Pages
  3. Related Products Block
  4. Cross-Sell Products Block
  5. Cart Page
  6. etc

We still send collection-level data - it just lives under the Product Category - Enhanced eCommerce dimension in Google Analytics as shown below:

If you'd prefer to change this to send collection URLs to fall under this product list performance, you can do so making these three changes.

  1. Go to your theme > edit code > search for elevar-body-end which will bring up the file you need to change.
  2. Then change Collection List in these three places shown below to collection.handle
  3. Save and validate on the frontend using GTM Preview mode

First place to change:

Two more places:

Validate on frontend:

That's it!


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